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Preaching Library

Please bear with us as we have all of our preaching messages converted digitally into MP3 format so that we can post them all here on our website:

Local Messages

  • In Your Face, Hell
  • We Came to Hear Preaching
  • Grounded, Settled, and Not Moved
  • Confirm and Exhort
  • Behold, I Will Heal Thee
  • There Shall Be A Tabernacle
  • A Place Where There is No Fear (Bro. Otis McAlaster)
  • The Zeal of My Father's House
  • You Don't Have a Prayer In Hell (Bro. Adolfo Marquez)
  • The Heart of A Stranger
  • Stubbornness is as Iniquity and Idolatry
  • The Victory that Overcometh the World
  • When God Magnified the Man of God (Bro. Josh Mehr)
  • David & Goliath (Bro. Bill Lerch)
  • The Shout of a King
  • Do You See What I See?
  • Preaching on Faith & Healing
  • The Untapped Well
  • Be Sure Your Speech Will Find You Out
  • The Difference Perception Makes
  • They That Gladly Received the Word
  • God's Business Has a Retirement Plan (Bro. Ruben Gonzalez)
  • God Never Forgets (Bro. Al Curry)
  • I Haven't Always Been Saved (Bro. Adolfo Marquez)
  • Desperation
  • The Graves of Lust
  • One More Day With the Frogs (Bro. Otis McAlaster)
  • There Is a Difference
  • I've Already Been to the Water
  • A Good Night's Rest
  • This is the Message
  • Making it Plain

Guest Ministers

  • God is Gonna Win (Bro. Thurman Young)
  • Law of the Harvest (Bro. Thurman Young)
  • Adorers of the Master (Bro. Audie McCuistion)
  • Dress and Keep Your Garden (Bro. Audie McCuistion)
  • A Church Without Faith & a Prophet Without Honor (Elder Edwin Young)
  • The Wages of Sin (Elder Edwin Young)
  • A Recommitment (Elder Edwin Young)
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